Head to Head Olympian Mentorship Program: Athletes Experience 2021

    From January 21 - April 2nd 2021 9 DSSC athletes participated in the Head to Head Virtual Olympian Mentorship Program. These athletes were selected based on the 2019-20 Rankings Report from the Swimming Canada RTR system whereby athletes with the top FINA points aged 2003 and younger were chosen. 

Over the course of the 10 week program, our athletes learned about the following topics: 
Team Culture (x2) 
Managing Nerves 
Goal Setting 
Time Management 
Healthy Habits 
Active Recovery 
International Experience 

Our athletes also had 2 interactive virtual meetings with Canadian Olympians where they could ask the Olympians any swimming and or non swimming related questions.  

When asked what the athletes would take away from the program, the athletes said: 
1. Not giving up when faced with a difficult challenge 
2. The importance technique has for the development of their swimming 
3. To have a balanced diet of both healthy and unhealthy foods 
4. How different professional athletes manage their nerves and emotions before and after their races. As said by Noemie Thomas, “One of the most important things when learning to preform, is learning to manage your nerves.” 
5. The crucial role warming up before a race and warming down after a race has on their overall performance for competitions. 

When asked how the athletes would sum up their experience of this 10 week program in one word, the words chosen were: 
1. Helpful 
2. Informative 
3. Rewarding 
4. Thrilling 
5. Special 

Another huge congratulations to our athletes who participated in this amazing program! 

Swim BC: Virtual Head to Head Olympian Mentorship Program January, 2021

    Starting January 21, 2021, 9 DSSC athletes will be participating in the Head to Head Virtual Olympian Mentorship Program! These athletes were selected based on the 2019-20 Rankings Report from the Swimming Canada RTR system whereby athletes with the top FINA points aged 2003 and younger were chosen. 

“Head to Head connects Olympians with the next generation to help Canadian youth be their best - inside and out.  We provide mentorship programs and clinics featuring our Olympian mentors, who share their expertise and experience with youth to inspire them to stay in sport while providing them with first hand insight on the tips, tricks and habits for success.” (Swim BC, 2020) 

Congratulations to…. 
Chloe Meredith Jensen (TAG)
Kira Trites (TAG)
Kayah Apanowicz (TAG) 
Gurshaan Sangha (DAG)
Manraj Johal (DAG)
Jatinder Grewal (DAG)
Jannat Bhangu (DAG)
Harleen Rai (DAG) 
Rebecca Soroke (DAG) 

This 10 week virtual Mentorship program includes: 
•10 professionally created videos from an array of Olympic swimmers
•10 weeks of technical swim specific content from Swim BC covering critical in pool skills, tools and techniques
•Discussion guidelines for you, your coaches, family and teammates to chat about and explore the topics that these Olympians speak on
•Self reflection workbooks for you to implement strategies you hear about, back to your own life, in and out of the pool
•Opportunities to connect with Olympians live on at least 2 scheduled webinar calls, to ask questions, hear their stories and learn about strategies they used to improve themselves! (Swim BC, 2020) 

Click here if you would like to know more about this amazing program offered to our swimmers! ​​​​​​​

DSSC receives Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund

We are pleased to share that DSSC has been selected by @CTJumpstart to receive a grant from their Sport Relief Fund. The fund helps community sport organizations like ours continue to provide access to sport and play for Canadian kids. This funding will directly help our athletes to keep pool costs down and give more of our team the ability to train while dealing with the hardship of Covid-19 in our community. We are so happy to be supported and to be able to continue having our club swimming! #SportReliefFund #Thankyou

New Blocks January 2020


After 4 years of fundraising by the DSSC athletes and parents as well as a minor capital Community Gaming Grant from the Province of British Columbia, DSSC is happy to unveil brand new diving blocks! 

These new blocks include a new platform or ‘wedge’ which allows the swimmer to obtain the optimal 90-degree angle when in the diving position. With the optimal 90 degree angle, swimmers can have greater acceleration off the blocks and into the water.  

DSSC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia and the hard work over these past few years from their swimmers and families. 

Thank you so much and swimmers enjoy the blocks!

DSSC Top 25 Caps December 2019 

For the past 11 years, DSSC has been awarding athletes who place within the Top 25 in Canada in their age group and gender for any event a very special cap. This cap not only highlights the athlete's achievement but as well as inspire fellow DSSC athletes to attain the beloved Top 25 cap. 

As an athlete progresses within the club, it becomes harder to attain the coveted Top 25 cap. Therefore, it is extremely impressive for any athlete over the age of 13 to achieve Top 25 status in a particular swim. 

Below you will find the athletes who are currently Top 25 in Canada in their age group and gender for a particular event. Congratulations to these DSSC athletes!  

Gurshaan Sangha (10)

50 breast - 1st 

100 breast - 2nd 

200 breast - 3rd  

400 IM - 21st   

Rebecca Soroke (10) 

50 fly-  5th 

100 fly - 9th 

200 fly - 14th 

Jatinder Grewal (11)

200 fly - 22nd

Marcus Hugo Viloria (13)

50 back - 7th 

200 back - 18th 

Kaya Apanowicz (13)

50 breast - 17th 

DSSC Coaching Staff: New Addition January 2019


The DSSC coaching staff is happy to announce Cory Bullock will be joining our team once again this year! Cory previously swam for DSSC for five years where his best two events were 50 freestyle and 200 backstroke. In 2017, Cory made the switch from swimmer to coach and discovered he had a true passion for it.

Cory's coaching philosophy is to create an environment where the swimmers can learn the fundamentals of swimming and become better while just so happening to have fun along the way. 

Cory will be coaching a Regional group on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As well as helping Kurt and Erin with Novice and Junior Age Group. 

Please help us welcome Cory back on our pool deck again come January! 

Welcome Party and Award Night Recap October 2019 

It was nice to see all the swimmers and parents out this past Sunday night for our annual Welcome Party and Awards Night.  This is our opportunity to meet the people we swim with, as well as celebrate the accomplishments of our performance athletes!

A thank you Gurinder Sangha for organizing the event and her help with keeping things running smoothly.  Another thank you to the staff at Kennedy Seniors Centre who accommodated our 150 people.  

Congratulations to all our award winners this season.

This list indicates the highest level meet a swimmer has qualified for.  If your name is not on it please notify Coach Kurt for correction.
LMR Champs - BronzeTier 1 Championship - SilverTier 2 Championship - SilverSenior Provincial - GoldWesterns - plaque

Joaquin ArandaJatinder GrewalAkashvir BhanguHailey PennerKirra Trites

Pavan GillHarleen RaiKayah Apanowicz

Vaani GrewalYuvraj RaiHarbir Grewal

Lucas JamiasDaniel WangChloe Meredith Jensen

Siddharth Krishna MohanMichael YangEldon Shen

Ramneet SandhuMax ZhaKirra Trites

Jada EvansLucas ZhangAurora Zheng

Samantha KiddJannat BhanguMarcus Hugo Viloria

Parmroop ParmarRebecca Soroke

Sarveen SanghaNoelle Evans

Gurshaan SanghaManraj Johal

Marcus Hugo Viloria


Award of Merit - 13 & UnderMarcus Hugo Viloria

Award of Merit - 14 & OverHailey Penner


Outstanding Development - MiniDragonsMiffy ShanLachlan Munro

Outstanding Development - NoviceScarlett Ruiz NowellGurman Atkar

Outstanding Development - JAGCharlotte SibleyAmrit Zawar

Outstanding Development - DAGRebecca SorokeManraj Johal

Outstanding Development - TAGKirra TritesEldon Shen

Outstanding Development - Regional
Barry He, Steven Li

Outstanding Development - CompDevRebecca StewartDaniel Wang
Club Record BreakerJatinder Grewal 10 & Under Boys200 fly SC - 3:23.29800 fr SC - 11:35.77200 IM SC - 3:02.01

200 fr SC - 2:40.54400 fr SC - 5:24.52

Marcus Viloria 11-12 Boys400 fr SC - 4:54.60800 fr SC - 10:07.85200 IM SC - 2:35.77

Kirra Trites 11-12 Girls800 fr SC - 10:30.941500 fr SC - 19:17.13

Rebecca Soroke 10 & Under Girls50 fly LC - 37:01

Kayah Apanowicz 11-12 Girls100 Br SC - 1:22.46

Fairplay - Leadership AwardHailey Penner