DSSC Fun Meets

February Fun Meet Results and Thank you's 


What a great Fun Meet!!  We had 115 swimmer attend and we ran 25's for the first time for the whole club.  It raised the level of racing in each heat which was great to see.  Tighter finishes forced kids to step up and go after a result and not a time.  Lots of exciting swimming.

Congratulations to Jaya Mann (13) and Varun Mohan (11) on achieving their 4:00.00 200 IM at the Fun Meet.  This allows them to compete around the LMR!  There were also some outstanding drops in the 200 IM by Evan Rai and Suhaan Sidhu, nice work boys.

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A couple of notes about the results, as I know parents will be asking about this.  The seed times were based on swimmers' 50m times.  This was done because 99.99% of the swimmers in the club do not have 25m times.   The second is that swimmers who may have swam the 25m events before but were listed as NT as a seed time is because they did not have a 50m time which was used as the seed.

We had a few swimmers sign up and not attend, the 10$ fee will be charged to your account.  Please be respectful of your teammates' and coaches' times.  We can condense events when we seed the meet and make the timeouts shorter.

Thank you to Kam Rai for organizing the timers for the event and Jason Caspick for organizing officials and their shadows.  Thank you very much to the food organizers for the weekend and especially Rajneesh Gill for planning and purchasing!  Thank you to all the timers and officials who came out to help!

One additional note for parents of swimmers who are attending the meet but whose anxieties prevent them from swimming.  I understand that this is frustrating for us as parents.  We get up on our days off, we truck our kids to the pool only to have them not even try to participate.  Please do not take them home, they are still part of the club and the event.  We want them on the pool deck with us, around the racing and around their teams.  Have them dressed warm in their team t-shirts and cheering on the side of the pool deck.  We do not want to punish anxious kids by forcing them to swim, but at the same time we do not want to reward the behaviour by taking them home.  Being around the pool is sometimes enough to reduce some of that anxiety.  Finally, please do not punish your kids for this behaviour outside of the pool, anxious kids feel bad enough about disappointing parents, coaches, and team mates.  They do not need a consequence beyond that.

Congratulations to all the swimmers and their hard work!

Xmas Fun Meet Results and Thank you's 

Congratulations to all the swimmers who came out to this year's Xmas Fun Meet.  We had 96 athletes attend and show off their newest learned skills.

Thank you to all the parents who helped out with timing, recording, officiating and with the food distribution.

A special thank you to Kam Rai who helped organize our officials and to Rajneesh Gill who organized the food!

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Congratulations to swimmers who achieved 100% personal bests through all of their events: Daley Abeywardena (15), Gurman Atkar (11), Bobby Billing (11), LIam Doherty (13), Sam Doherty (9), Sanjana Diwaker (11), Sophia Estok (11), Harinder Grewal (7), Natalie Hall (6), Vincent He (15), Aeera Johal (12), Gia Johal (10), Gujjan Johal (10), Manreet Johal (8), Amrit Khaira (9), Arwin Khangura (8), Jaya Mann (13), Cailey Norum (8), Saniya Parmar (13), Isla Pike (10), Olive Pike (8), Evan Rai (11), Riya Rai (9), Hardiya Sahota (11), Prabhleen Sahota (15), Navleen Sandhu (12), Saana Sanghadia (11), Arnav Sharma (12), Dwitik Sharma (7), Suhaan Sidhu (11), Armaan Singh Lalli (10), Rebecca Stewart (12), Sara Vandop (9), Martin Viloria (10), Gabriella Wang (9), Nathaniel ZHeng (9).

That is quite the list of swimmers who stepped up and raced well.  Remember that if a swimmer has never swam the event before it is an automatic best time and becomes the new standard that performances are evaluated off of.  

We are continuing our referral program throughout the season.  If you refer someone on to DSSC we will credit your account the value of that swimmer's first month of fees.  Ie.  If you refer a new TAG swimmer to the club we will credit your account 346$.  Refer two new swimmers we will credit you 692$.  Keep referring, make our club greater, save yourself some cash!

Happy Holidays from the DSSC Coaching Staff and our Board of Directors!

Halloween Fun Meet Results and Thank you's 

What a spooky swim meet!  120 swimmers came out dressed in their costumes and ready to reace!  Congratulations to all the swimmers who participated.  Fun meets are a great opportunity for young swimmers to get acclimated to race events.

The Dragons' coaches were very impressed with how well their swimmers swam and the Head Coach was extremely pleased with how the first time swimmers managed themselves in the pool.

A special thank you to Rajneesh Gill for organizing and preparing the food and to all the timers who helped run the meet.

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