Pass Meets 

Pass Meet #2 April 28th, 2021

The excitement of racing was back as the Novice and Learn to compete groups swam their second pass meet of the season. The focus and commitment that these athletes have been showing throughout the season is shining through in all the new best times! Being able to get up and race 3 swims in an hour is an amazing accomplishment and the energy was really happening for everyone!

Congratultions to everyone on all your hard work and best times! Keep up the great work!

100 IM 50 Fly50 Back

Hannah Li2:17.91:18.51:00.5
Rasam Grewal2:10.91:03.81:01.2
Matteo Peoctic2:17.21:15.957.9
Issac Williston2:17.61:19.71:06.4
Mya Hagglund2:04.61:03.059.2
Colbie Deeg2:32.11:33.21:06.9
Gabrielle Dickson2:46.41:20.31:10.4
Aaron Alby2:30.31:18.71:09.0
Alethea Li2:55.41:41.41:15.5
William Morton2:54.61:25.81:12.5
Natalie Hall2:50.21:47.81:13.3
Virat Sood3:53.21:49.01:47.5

Pass Meet #4 Results March 2020

It was an exciting Sunday morning of racing for 17 DSSC swimmers who competed in the fourth pass meet of the 2019-2020 season at Watermania. Swimmers raced the 100/200 Free, 50 Breaststroke, 50 Freestyle and 100/200 IM. Some highlights included many swimmers breaking the 1:00 mark in their 50 freestyle, Sophia Estok and Gujjan Johal breaking the 1:00 mark in their 50 Breaststroke and many new Personal bests for alot of our athletes! 

Pass meets can be a fun and busy morning with swimmers racing 4 events in just a couple hours. Coaches were impressed with the focus and determination shown by everyone during the meet. 

Congratulations to Evan Buchanan and Mateo Pecotic on their first pass meet. Keep up the good work!

Level 1100 Free50 Br50 Fr100 IMPass #3 FrPass #3 IM

Mia Bruneau2:131:211:002:392:312:38
Rasam Grewal2:081:231:002:362:092:16
Cailey Norum2:581:421:243:203:183:09
Nabihah Ali1:561:1652.922:272:192:19
Lauren Urwin2:001:0356.312:222:102:14
Reet Grewal1:551:1856.432:141:562:11
Vidhi Sood2:101:0452.772:222:102:20
Gia Johal2:251:111:072:522:372:32
Kaia Hall2:101:2659.952:412:152:40
Evan Buchanan1:501:0854.592:21

Luke Williston1:511:1351.212:15

Mateo Pecotic2:571:401:243:14

Jasleen Gill2:081:0256.472:22

Level 2200 Free50 Br50 Fr200 IMPass #3 FrPass #3 IM

Sophia Estok3:3259.5741.574:153:554:25
Caleb Munro3:461:1140.414:123:544:37
Riya Rai4:001:0552.984:314:074:22
Gujjan Johal3:4158.0240.754:19

Past Meet #3 Results February 2020

DSSC swimmers attended Pass meet #3 at Watermania this past weekend with three other clubs and over 90 swimmers in total. The swimmers raced the 100 or 200 IM, 50 Butterfly, 50 Backstroke and the 100 or 200 IM. Coaches Holly, Hailey and Cory were in attendance and very excited by the improvements of swimmers. 

Swimmers in level 1 must race a 1:50 in the 100 free and 2:10 in the 100 IM to move into level 2. Once in level 2 swimmers must be under 4:00 in their 200 IM to graduate and move into LMR meets. Congratualtions to Gujjan Johal who will be moving into level 2 next meet!

Level 1100 IM50 Fly50 Back100 FreePass #2 IMPass #2 Fr

Vidhi Sood2:201:261:022:102:262:14
Kaia Hall2:401:451:102:153:012:54
Reet Grewal2:111:041:011:562:231:59
Gia Johal2:321:291:182:372:522:33
MIa Bruneau2:381:211:232:312:522:29
Nabihah Ali2:191:191:042:192:222:41
Gujjan Johal2:001:06511:452:121:52
Sephora Koonpackdee2:551:411:152:443:092:33
Rasam Grewal2:161:111:062:092:362:33
Lauren Urwin2:141:131:062:102:282:03
Tanhveer Goolab2:451:281:222:412:522:43
Gabrielle Wang

Cailey Norum3:091:431:333:18

Beck Wang2:041:071:001:55

Level 2200 IM50 Fly50 Back200 FreePass #2 IMPass #2 Fr

Dev Bagal4:0855573:504:154:48
Lachlan Munro5:071:081:004:234:204:57
Riya Rai4:221:061:014:074:383:58
Sophia Estok4:251:12553:554:353:53
Olivia Siemens4:091:05544:104:084:13
Caleb Munro4:371:00523:544:313:57

Past Meet #2 Results December 2019

Swimmers from the JAG, Novice and Dragons groups raced in Pass Meet #2 on Sunday morning at Watermania Pool, with 26 swimmers attending. The athletes raced the 100 or 200 IM, 50 Breaststroke, 50 Freestyle and 100 or 200 Freestyle. 

Coaches were happy to see many personal bests and strong racing from everyone to cap off the 2019 portion of the season! Congratulations to Jonaas Landry on achieving his LMR Standard and qualifying to attend LMR meets. 

Keep up the good work and we will see you in 2020 for Pass Meet #3!

Level 1100 Free50 Br Stroke50 Free100 IMPass #1 IMPass #1 Fr

Nabihah Ali2:411:141:042:222:312:40
Jasleen Gill2:211:061:002:322:392:38
Tanhveer Goolab2:431:141:172:522:562:33
Rasam Grewal2:231:181:042:362:332:22
Param Lalli2:021:14:502:132:362:07
Luke Williston2:061:19:532:332:452:36
Reet Grewal2:231:22:571:592:222:09
Kaia Hall2:541:301:053:012:532:47
Gia Johal2:331:181:132:522:552:45
Lauren Urwin2:031:071:022:282:122:07
Vidhi Sood2:141:111:002:262:302:20
Arwin Khangura2:461:241:143:023:143:10
Mia Bruneau2:291:211:122:522:402:22
Puneet Khaira1:581:17:592:37

Sephora Koonpackdee2:331:371:133:09

Gujjan Johal1:521:03:462:12

Amrit Khaira2:321:401:143:14

Saanvi Pandey2:581:321:203:19

Level 2200 Free50 Br Stroke50 Free200 IMPass #1 IMPass #2 Fr

Sophia Estok3:531:09:464:354:304:07
Caleb Munro3:571:17
Olivia Siemens4:131:02:544:084:374:26
Dev Bagal4:48:57:454:15

Lachlan Munro4:201:09:564:57

Miffy Shan4:001:10:464:48

Riya Rai3:581:08:534:38

Jonaas Landry2:58:57:363:32

Pass Meet #1 Results October 2019

Dssc attended the first PASS meet of the season with a record number of 33 swimmers from the club racing- way to go swimmers! The meet ran at Watermania pool with four other clubs and over 100 swimmers in attendance. 

Swimmers raced the 100 IM or 200 IM, 50 Butterfly, 50 Backstroke and the 100 or 200 Free. The morning saw many personal best swims from many swimmers as well as 3 new LMR qualifiers. Congratulations to Brady Mcbride, Tiger Du and Gurman Atkar on achieving their LMR standards. 

There was great racing, amazing cheering and energy throughout the morning. Congratulations to everyone who attended and we will see you all for Pass Meet #2 on December 8th!

Level 1100 IM50 BF50 BK100 Fr

Arwin Khangura3:14.301:47.381:36.863:10.36
Kaia Hall2:53.201:41.651:14.862:47.56
Mia Bruneau2:40.871:32.241:21.212:22.69
Lachlan Munro2:04.211:04.791:00.132:00.57
Jasleen Gill2:39.451:29.591:12.672:38.62
Kailey Gill3:09.421:46.191:34.933:11.58
Reet Grewal2:22.641:13.541:09.632:09.89
Cailey Norum3:35.292:02.411:26.863:08.47
Nabihah Ali2:31.181:31.581:08.292:40.74
Gabrielle Wang2:44.801:27.681:08.952:33.77
Christopher Anast2:55.171:26.771:36.532:37.07
Lauren Urwin2:12.131:12.961:12.962:07.07
Luke Williston2:45.201:47.531:18.792:36.23
Rasam Grewal2:33.501:19.381:10.002:22.89
Youssef Fouda1:
Nathaniel Zheng2:18.291:09.731.11.522:02.13
Tanhveer Goolab2:56.531:40.091:19.162:33.02
Vidhi Sood2:30.281:17.711:13.982:20.58
Miffy Shan2:08. 781:05.321:00.972:04.52
Billy Anast

Riya Rai2:12.251:22.411:03.521:57.69
Gia Johal2:55.941:54.801:22.292:45.28
Param Lalli2:36.971:31.201:10.532:07.94

Level 2200 IM50 BF50 BK200 Fr

Charlotte Sibley4:04.850.59.460.53.73:46.49
Olivia Siemens4:37.871:09.271:05.784:26.29
Sophia Estok4:30.681:13.591:02.304:07.19
Gurman Atkar3:58.490.
Armaan Lalli4:05.470.57.660.53.483:48.85
Martin Viloria4:
Caleb Munro4:38.810.56.890.53.323:54.79
Tiger Du3:54.310.
Scarlett Ruiz Nowell4:15.780.56.970.54.833:59.42
Brady Mcbride3:55.771: