Swimmer of the Month (SOM) 

January 2019 SOM

Wow is time sure flying by! This past month was all about amazing activation for our DSSC athletes. Those who performed exceptional activation not only in skill but also through leadership was awarded SOM. Congratulations to these following athletes. 

Mini Dragons I 

Dwitik Sharma: The month of January is all about activation. Dwitik demonstrates awesome execution with every exercise in our activation. He is always on time and starts activation before I even mention it. His exciting and positive attitude brings joy and laughs throughout the whole group. Congratulations Dwitik! 

Mini Dragon II 

Mia Bruneau: Mia always shows up in time ready to start activation with a smile on her face! Throughout this month all our swimmers have improved their activation but Mia has especially stepped up her game. Even at Pass Meets and Fun Meets she represents our club well with awesome activation! Fantastic work Mia!


Vidhi Sood: Vidhi’s consistency during dryland activation routines has been amazing! She has the program memorized, and independently starts her activity on time! She shows great diligence and efforts in her exercises and the coaching staff knows that those results will show in the water! Well done!


Dev Bagel and Gurman Atkar: There are two swimmers in JAG that are always ahead of the start on a daily basis when it comes to activation. The first on the pool deck to get started and even doing multiple rounds of their specific JAG group activation before they asked. Dev and Gurman lead by showing what a good activation looks like to their fellow teammates. Keep up the great work!


Ameera Johal: Ameera was an absolute treat this month. Every time the clock struck 5:15 pm for her group to start activation she was always the first one up starting her stretching right away. Ameera was always the first one ready with her equipment to get right down to work in the pool. Congratulations Ameera! 


Mannat Bhinder: Mannat is always working her back during activation times. Although she has battled multiple injuries throughout the season she is willing to make adaptations and keep herself moving. A true inspiration and a hard worker!

Cindy Lin: Cindy shows up ready to work. She works hard to ensure her technique is correct and puts her best effort into challenging tasks. 


Vaani Gerwal: Vaani this month performed her activation very well! Every skill she did she executed it perfectly and never waivered with her determination to finish any hard activation Sophie threw at her. Congratulations Vaani! 


Sarveen Sangha: This month’s Swimmer of the Month for Awesome Activation goes to Sarveen Sangha. The TAG group has been speaking a lot about athleticism as a swimmer and how to become a better athlete. Having awesome activation goes hand in hand with this theme and Sarveen has done a great job both in the gym with Coach Lori and on the pool deck prior to practice. Her dryland activities have come a long way over the course of the last 2 years and it has been noticed by both the dryland and coaching staff. Nice work Sarveen!

What's up Next for our DSSC athletes? Well, it's championship Season!! In February there are LMR Championships, Age Group Championships, Provincial Championships, and our February Fun meet! 

What is it next month? 


For February, the coaches will be looking at athletes who do something in Delta which has never been done before. This may be breaking a club record or staying behind to help the coaches clean up or even getting 100% best times in their races over the month. 

Good Luck Swimmers!! 

December 2019 SOM

Wow, Wow, Wow! What a busy month December was for our DSSC athletes! The coaching staff would just like to congratulate all the swimmers who accomplished a heart of gold over December as it was not as easy decision to make. Below you will find the athletes who achieved a Heart of Gold 

Mini Dragons I 

Colbie Deeg: Coblie has shown so much love for the sport. Every practice she comes with a smile on her face excited to swim. During practice, she always works to the best of her abilities. Congratulations Colbie! Keep up the good work!

Mini Dragons II 

Arwin Khangura: Arwin has shown some amazing team spirit this past month. He stepped up and raced well at the Pass Meet #3 and the Xmas Fun meet. At both these meets he got 100% personal best times, way to go Arwin! He always shows up in his team shirt with enthusiasm to swim with his friends and cheer them on. Keep up the great work!


Gujjan Johal: After coming off a bout of pneumonia Gujjan Johal has attacked his training like a tiger. His effort during practices and the great changes he has made to his freestyle technique have really dropped his times significantly. Gujjan’s positive attitude and ferocious swims in practice show that he has a Heart of Gold and is willing to put in the work to be amazing. Congratulations Gujjan!


Olivia Siemens and Riya Rai: These two ladies are always the first to run up and down a pool deck cheering for their teammates. They pump up JAG swimmers for everything and you will often hear them say “you can do it” as they cheer their team on. Way to go ladies!


Varun Kirshna Mohan: December was an exceptionally good month for Varun. Within December Varun got extremely close to achieving his LMR 200 IM standard of 4 minutes and he worked tremendously hard on his freestyle. It is rare to see Varun on the pool deck without a smile on his face which is exactly what a Heart of Gold is all about. Congratulations Varun! 


Harneesh Gill: This month's swimmer of the month goes to Harneesh. He comes to every practice ready to work hard and learn something new. During practice, Harneesh cheers his teammates on and pushes himself to be better. Great work Harneesh!


Grace Bruneau: Little Miss Gracey Bell exemplified what it means to have a heart of Gold. In every practice and at the Spartan LMR she was always cheering on her teammates to perform to the best of their ability. Grace also came SO CLOSE to achieving her Tier I time standards in her 200 IM and 200 breastroke which hopefully she will get this weekend at the Winskill LMR. Congratulations Grace! 


Jada Evans: Jada's training paces throughout the month have been phenomenal, and she has really begun to understand how to manage her efforts during fast swimming sets. Her performances at her peak meet in December were solid with a great finish to her 200 freestyle and a new personal best. Her outlook on training and efforts in practice has definitely proven she has a heart of gold!

What's Next for Swimmer of the Month? 

All About Activation!! 

The athlete who has the best activation and leadership in January will win the Swimmer of the month. Good Luck to all our swimmers!  

November 2019 SOM

This past month was particularly steller for the DSSC swimmers with countless new LMR, Tier I and Tier II qualifiers! As well as Noelle Evans, Gurshaan Sangha, and Rebecca Soroke (DAG) shattering some club records. 

Below are the athletes chosen by their prospective coaches who exhibited LEGS OF STEEL! 

Mini Dragons I 

Natalie Hall: Swimmer of the month for mini dragons level 1 is Natalie Hall. Natalie has exceeded expectations for freestyle,backstroke and breaststroke kick. She is learning quickly and easily applies any correction given. She is always kicking with a smile on her face. Excellent work Natalie!

Mini Dragons II

Gia Johal: Gia has shown immense progress through this season so far, it is her first year with the club and it has been great to see her grow as a swimmer. This month the focus was legs of steel, she always tries her best and has a strong mindset when at the pool. She always has a great attitude and is ready to learn more. I’m excited to see her use these newfound skills at the next Pass Meet! Awesome job Gia!


Lachlan Munro: The Novice group has been hammering the legs, especially short sprints of dolphin kick. Lachlan’s rate and power during dolphin kick is quite amazing for a boy of his age. His focus on working hard and all-out sprinting on our 8 x 25 dolphin kick going 12.5 meters, 12.5 meters moderate is obvious. Keep up the solid effort Lachlan!

Junior Age Group 

Abdulraham Alhassan: In Jag, swimmers have been focusing on fast 50s in every stroke to build up their 200 IM standards. When Abdulraham does his 50 fly swim he has been working on keeping the strength and speed in his legs to the finish. I'm beyond impressed to see how strong he has become when working during sets,  like crushing a set of 16x50s Fly swim fast.


Rebecca Stewart: Rebecca shows great toughness when working through her Regional practices. From working hard during her November Dryland, which included 100s of Burpees, Squat jumps, lunges...Etc. To 16x25 of all-out FAST Fr kick, this girl has legs of steel and the motivation to keep going when the legs are burning! Way to go!

Cindy Lin: Cindy has pushed her limits with her legs this past month; from squats, lunges, and wall sits to kick sets in the water. She has focused on proper technique and kick stronger and faster. 

Competitive Development 

Barry He: This past month Barry has shown tremendous progress in his kicking. Particularly, Barry has worked tremendously hard on maintaining a 6 beat kick for freestyle which showed at the SFU LMR where he almost broke 30 seconds in his 50 free! Congratulations Barry :) 

Developmental Age Group 

Rebecca Soroke: November as a whole for Rebecca was extremely well done. Rebecca broke 4 10 and under club record and attained two new 11-year-old Tier 1 time standards in her 200 breast and 200 free. Rebecca also has the fastest 400 kick timed in her group. She may be little, but she sure is mighty! Congratulations Rebecca :) 

Top Age Group 

Kayah Apanowicz: Kayah’s breaststroke kick is phenomenal, and it allows her to finish off a very fast 100 breaststroke.Unfortunately, the other strokes’ kicks are not as good. Over the last three weeks, Kayah has been focused on technical changes in the other three strokes’ kicks as well as working on leg fitness. Her effort and diligence in this will make her other strokes much faster. She really does deserve the Legs of Steel Swimmer of the Month award for her hard work. 



The athlete who comes to both meets and practices with the best attitude and team spirit will win December swimmer of the month 

October 2019 SOM

This past month was SPOOKTACULAR for the DSSC Swimmers! DSSC had their first two swim meets of the season resulting in 2 new BC Age Group Championship qualifiers, 5 new LMR qualifiers and a bunch of best times. Congratulations to all the athletes!

For October, the coaching staff were looking for athletes who showed PERSEVERANCE. The below athletes are those the coaching staff believe exceeded their expectations and pushed themselves to the limit.

Mini Dragons 1 

Manreet John and Simrit Zhawar: For swimmer of the month it was all about perseverance and the two Mini Dragons level 1 swimmers that represented it the best is Manreet Johal and Simrit Zhawar. These two demonstrate the importance of high attendance and hard work. Not only do they show up on time for practice but they also utilize their time wisely and effectively with a smile on there face.There is never a time at practice where they are not serious about their swimming. They are always striving to be better than last practice and be the best that they can be. Amazing job girls!!!!

Mini Dragons 2

Param Lalli: it has been a pleasure to get to know Param so far this season. He has shown peseverance in every practice by coming preparred with a water bottle and all of the needed equipment. Also, it is great to see him participate in the first Pass Meet of the seson and the Halloween fun meet with an awesome costume! He always works hard and is focused throughout practice which allows him to always perform his best. Great job Param and keep up the great work! 


Sunny He: Sunny started the season off with some less than spectacular starts off the block. Through a lot of grit, determination and a few hundred belly flops Sunny’s dive starts have started to really get good. He fires himself off the block with some good power and has now started to look for new challenges in order to make his dive even better. If 100 dive starts over the course of a month and showing improvements at the end of October doesn’t show perseverance, I do not know what does. Nice work, Sunny!

Junior Age Group (JAG)

Gurman Atkar: The month of October proved to be challenging and very Rewarding for Gurman. After only four weeks he was able to achieve his LMR standard at the first pass meet. The JAG group has been focusing on working hard and pushing through hard training- something that isn’t easy to do! At first Gurman was unable to always make the times he needs or get his own time off the pace clock, he is now able to do both while leading the lane. Keep it up, G!


Abhay Dhour: This is Abhay's first year with the club and he has taken every challenge thrown at him in stride. His dedication to the club even within this short period of time has impressed all of the coaches. Congratulations Abhay!

Competitive Development 

Vincent He: Vincent was the perfect example of perseverance this past month. Every practice he was on time, performed dryland exceptionally well and was always asking questions on how to become a better swimmer. A highlight for Vincent this month was competing in his first swim meet ever and absolutely destroying it!

Developmental Age Group (DAG) 

Amrit Zhawar: October was an absolutely killer month for Amrit. Amrit shined when it came to difficult sets as as 8x200's free descending 1-4. Even though Amrit was going off 5 seconds rest, his determination and technique remained constant. As a result of his perseverance this past month, he received best times in his 100 free, 100 breast, 100 back, 100 fly, 200 IM and 50 free at the PSW Invitational. 

Top Age Group (TAG)

Kirra Trites: Kirra’s introduction to distance training has been filled with tough lessons. Always a tough racer, Kirra had to learn how to swim more relaxed, how to pace herself for distance events even when getting sufficient rest to go really fast. The Top Age Group has started specific training with its athletes and each training set gets a little bit longer and a little bit harder. Kirra has done a great job at maintaining focus and getting things done. With tight hips and hamstrings she has also had to manage keeping herself healthy with an increased work load. Well done Kirra, keep striving to be awesome.

What are coaches looking for in November?


For November, coaches will be awarding Swimmer of the Month to those swimmers who not only strengthened their kick, but as well as strengthened their mindset.