December 2019: Swimmer of the Month

July 20, 2021

December 2019 SOM

Wow, Wow, Wow! What a busy month December was for our DSSC athletes! The coaching staff would just like to congratulate all the swimmers who accomplished a heart of gold over December as it was not as easy decision to make. Below you will find the athletes who achieved a Heart of Gold 

Mini Dragons I 

Colbie Deeg: Coblie has shown so much love for the sport. Every practice she comes with a smile on her face excited to swim. During practice, she always works to the best of her abilities. Congratulations Colbie! Keep up the good work!

Mini Dragons II 

Arwin Khangura: Arwin has shown some amazing team spirit this past month. He stepped up and raced well at the Pass Meet #3 and the Xmas Fun meet. At both these meets he got 100% personal best times, way to go Arwin! He always shows up in his team shirt with enthusiasm to swim with his friends and cheer them on. Keep up the great work!


Gujjan Johal: After coming off a bout of pneumonia Gujjan Johal has attacked his training like a tiger. His effort during practices and the great changes he has made to his freestyle technique have really dropped his times significantly. Gujjan’s positive attitude and ferocious swims in practice show that he has a Heart of Gold and is willing to put in the work to be amazing. Congratulations Gujjan!


Olivia Siemens and Riya Rai: These two ladies are always the first to run up and down a pool deck cheering for their teammates. They pump up JAG swimmers for everything and you will often hear them say “you can do it” as they cheer their team on. Way to go ladies!


Varun Kirshna Mohan: December was an exceptionally good month for Varun. Within December Varun got extremely close to achieving his LMR 200 IM standard of 4 minutes and he worked tremendously hard on his freestyle. It is rare to see Varun on the pool deck without a smile on his face which is exactly what a Heart of Gold is all about. Congratulations Varun! 


Harneesh Gill: This month's swimmer of the month goes to Harneesh. He comes to every practice ready to work hard and learn something new. During practice, Harneesh cheers his teammates on and pushes himself to be better. Great work Harneesh!


Grace Bruneau: Little Miss Gracey Bell exemplified what it means to have a heart of Gold. In every practice and at the Spartan LMR she was always cheering on her teammates to perform to the best of their ability. Grace also came SO CLOSE to achieving her Tier I time standards in her 200 IM and 200 breastroke which hopefully she will get this weekend at the Winskill LMR. Congratulations Grace! 


Jada Evans: Jada's training paces throughout the month have been phenomenal, and she has really begun to understand how to manage her efforts during fast swimming sets. Her performances at her peak meet in December were solid with a great finish to her 200 freestyle and a new personal best. Her outlook on training and efforts in practice has definitely proven she has a heart of gold!

What's Next for Swimmer of the Month? 

All About Activation!! 

The athlete who has the best activation and leadership in January will win the Swimmer of the month. Good Luck to all our swimmers!