Terms and conditions


DSSC families will be required to complete Parent Participation Points this year.

Delta Sungod Swim Club (DSSC) uses a points program – Parent Participation Points (PPP) – for volunteering with the club. DSSC is a non-profit organization that is solely operated by parent volunteers. The points program encourages parents to contribute their time and effort for a more vibrant and engaged club membership.

This program also ensures that DSSC has enough volunteers for daily operations, swim meets, and others events. 

For any questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

1. PPP Point Conversion: Each volunteer activity has a point allocation that can be converted into a dollar ($) amount. The conversion rate is defined by the DSSC board of directors prior to the beginning of the swim season. For the 2019-2020 season, the conversion rate is $8/point. The conversion rate is subject to change depending on the number of members and events each year.

2. PPP Deposit Amounts: The PPP deposit is collected in September for the season. Registrations after December 31 will be pro-rated and after March 31 will not be charged the deposit. If your child moves to a new training group during the season, your required PPP deposit for the current season will remain at the level at which they were initially registered. For a family with multiple swimmers, DSSC requires a full amount of the required PPP deposit for the swimmer with the highest required PPP deposit.

3. PPP Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer opportunities for DSSC events/activities are assigned a point value. The value is based on the amount of time and the significance of the activity. A list of volunteer opportunities during an event and the assigned point value will be on the club’s website (www.teamsungod.com) under the Job Signup page for each event. The website also lists each family’s earned PPPs

4. PPP Record-keeping: To ensure your points are allocated correctly, each time you volunteer, please ensure you sign in on the volunteer sign-in sheet at the event or otherwise provide proof of participation to the Volunteer Coordinator (e.g. signed officials card from an officials course.) Please ensure you submit the proof of participation as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure the Volunteer Coordinator has proof of your volunteer activities.

5. PPP Deposit Refunds: At the end of the season, if you have collected the required points, DSSC will refund your PPP deposit. You must collect the required number of points for a refund – we do not provide partial refunds. If you collect more than the required points, only your actual deposit amount will be refunded – we do not pay bonus points. PPP amounts do not carry forward to the next season. Typically, the refunds will be a credit on your account. Credits on accounts at the end of the season are refunded via cheque.

6. Early withdrawal from the Club: DSSC is a non-profit club that is run by parent volunteers. The club expects the commitment from you to stay with the club for the whole season since the club commits to pay its expenses for the whole season. If for any reason, you have to withdraw from the club before the end of the season, you will forfeit your PPP deposit(s), unless you have collected the required points. 7. Cancellation notice: Volunteers must provide at least 24 hours advance notice if they cannot attend or complete their committed job. Failing to show up will result in a double-point penalty.

PPP policies and procedures are published here.  https://delta.poolq.net/menu/parent-participation
Please review them at your leisure.