Participation Points Program 

Team Sungod is a fully non-profit swim club and all non-coaching activities are supported by volunteers.  The Club needs all parent(s) and guardian(s) to volunteer throughout the year.  Without parent/guardian participation the club would incur more costs to cover such activities as swimclub functions (welcome back party, year end awards, Sungod sponsored swim meets, etc.).  As well, all sanctioned swim meets require volunteers to assist at the meet, it is a requirement of each club participating, that provide volunteers based on the number of swimmers registered.  The Club has set up the Participation Points Program (PPP).  The PPS is common with many sports groups.  The PPP promotes involvement of all families within the club, working together to create a fun and competitive environment for its swimmers.  Participation in the program is mandatory either be volunteering or payment of PPP fees.  PPP is common among all sports clubs, with these swim clubs in particular; Winskill, Richmond Rapids, Hyack, Scarborough – well you get the picture.  The purpose of PPP is to encourage families to participate and spread the work load.  Getting involved may be difficult at first, but you are rewarded by knowing you are contributing to your childrens’ success.​​​​​​​

Participation Points Program (Updated May 17, 2023)

All PPP will be tracked through the club's Volunteer Coordinator ( or through the website via Job Sign ups.